Test Preparation

Standardized Tests: Washington State Performance Expectations

Northwest K-8 Learning Support recognizes that students’ abilities cannot be evaluated by a single test score.

Washington state standardized testing is one of many paths that may lead to understanding how a student is progressing.

The most beneficial test experiences take place when students are able to do their best. This happens when strategies are learned for coping with test anxiety.

One of the first steps for building test-taking confidence is to know what to expect. Northwest K-8 Learning Support can help students become familiar with test-taking procedures by practicing with test samples and reviewing how to respond to test questions.

Test preparation focuses on the kind of questions and prompts that are typically presented in the reading, writing, and math performance expectations for Washington state. Strategies include: how to read questions thoroughly, following directions carefully, problem-solving, brainstorming responses to writing prompts, and finding important information in reading samples.

The list below summarizes the areas that are emphasized in order to help students prepare for standardized tests.

  • Understanding directions
  • Reading, understanding, and responding to questions and prompts
  • Problem solving
  • Practice with writing samples
  • Reading comprehension
  • Practice with sample test questions