STEM Learning

Out- of -school time provides students with unique learning experiences that go beyond the four walls of a classroom.

Northwest K-8 Learning Support has a specific interest in STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and boosting student confidence in science and math. Northwest K-8 Learning Support will provide STEM learning projects that build confidence while reinforcing problem solving skills and persistence.
Some of the many benefits of STEM learning are the discoveries that students make as well as how their skills are developed across the curriculum. Since STEM learning encourages an inter-disciplinary approach, students may use their strengths in other areas such as art or design to create a model for a science or math investigation. Similarly a student may use technology to gather information or record their results.

Please see STEM article written by Margaret Kulkin in Afterschool Matters.

Northwest K-8 Learning Support can facilitate the following:

  • Technology for in-depth study, research, and communication
  • Hands on math or science experiences that challenge students to solve problems, ask questions, and communicate solutions. Some examples include: 1.) How are waves made? How can you compare their heights? 2.) How can you design an experiment that compares the best materials for a parachute or a bridge? 3.) How can a quilt design help reinforce fraction concepts? 4.) How can you measure a tree without ever leaving the ground?
    Northwest K-8 Learning Support is open to suggestions for groups and individuals seeking “outside-of-school-time” learning experiences. The possibilities for discovery and exploration are limitless!