Northwest K-8 Learning Support provides an initial (free of charge) intake session to meet a prospective student, along with a parent or responsible family member. This initial meeting will help determine goals for tutoring and the particular needs of the student.


Northwest K-8 Learning Support welcomes ongoing communication with family members. Your questions and requests for information and resources are encouraged. Northwest K-8 Learning Support is happy to provide information to classroom teachers and other educational professionals with your permission.

Updates on Progress and Positive Reinforcement

After assessing student needs, Northwest K-8 Learning Support will provide families with a time-frame for meeting goals.

A student’s progress will be closely monitored. Families may request an update on progress at any time. Learning logs will contain up-to-date notes on progress and assessment results.

Northwest K-8 Learning Support will provide families with the results of informal assessments, diagnostic testing, and periodic progress reports. Updates on student progress will be used as an opportunity for reinforcing the effort and work that is accomplished during tutoring sessions.

Your positive support for your child’s commitment to tutoring will encourage their continued growth. At the same time, Northwest K-8 Learning Support will provide positive reinforcement, encouragement, rewards, and praise for the work that is accomplished at each tutoring session.


The time-frame and schedule for tutoring is guided by the needs of the student and their progress. Payment is due at the conclusion of each session. However, pre- payment on a monthly basis is also an option. Northwest K-8 Learning Support accepts cash, check, or credit card.

All tutoring sessions are one hour unless other arrangements have been made.

Contact Information and Student Information

Northwest K-8 Learning Support requires that emergency contact information is given prior to the start of tutoring. In addition to discussing academic concerns, Northwest K-8 Learning Support requests that families share information about their child’s pertinent medical, psychological, social, or emotional/behavioral issues, so that specific consideration can be given to individual concerns.

Waiting Room

Family members and siblings may wait quietly in the waiting room adjacent to the tutoring work area. Northwest K-8 Learning Support extends this courtesy to family members with busy schedules and transportation concerns. Feel free to browse the book shelves or take out a puzzle or game, but a responsible adult must be present to supervise children in the waiting room.

Scheduling of Appointments

During the initial intake meeting, we will set-up a schedule for tutoring. Appointments can be made Monday through Saturday. All appointments must be scheduled in advance.

Cancellation of Appointments

24 hour notice is required for cancellation of tutoring sessions.

Timely Arrival

The timely arrival of clients is strongly encouraged. In order to best serve your child, it is recommended that children arrive on time and use the full hour for tutoring.