Academic Support

I am interested in helping students fulfill their true learning potential. Students on Individualized Education Plans or 504 Plans will find that their academic and behavioral goals are supported by their work with Northwest K-8 Learning Support.

Students that have challenges with cognitive processing, self-regulation, attention, communication, language, or reading receive explicit and carefully sequenced instruction. With a positive approach, students begin to recognize their abilities and build on each step taken forward with a renewed sense of accomplishment and confidence.

My work with students is informed by the awareness that no two students are alike and their learning challenges are varied and individual, despite the labels or a specific diagnosis. I am also informed by my experience as a classroom teacher. As a certificated teacher, I am fully aware of relevant classroom expectations, whether it be Common Core or other school-designated standards. With relevant classroom expectations in mind, I work closely with schools and other teachers to assist with a student’s academic success and progress.

It is the goal of NWK8 to help students turn their, “I can’t!” to “I can.” The research is encouraging with regard to one-on-one interventions and their positive impact on learning:

...changes in instructional delivery can intensify instruction. Swanson, Hoskyn, and Lee (1999) found that, across content and grade levels, interventions delivered through direct instruction plus strategy instruction produced the highest effects. Such interventions include these key components:

-explicit instruction

-systematic instruction

-opportunities for student response and feedback

(Vaughn, Wanzek, Murray, and Roberts, 2012)
Vaughn, S., Wanzek, J., Murray, C. S., Roberts, G. (2012).Intensive interventions for students struggling in reading and mathematics: A practice guide. Portsmouth, NH: RMC Research Corporation, Center on Instruction.

Rewards for progress are integrated into all tutoring plans. NWK8 provides a positive environment including built-in incentives for: completing work, having a positive attitude, focusing, persisting, and being prepared.